Why Do We Shake Hands? It’s Cold & Flu Season!

Stop Handshaking Hello
quote80% of all infections are transmitted by hands.quote

According to the CDC scientists estimate that people who are not washing their hands often or well enough are spreading germs. Harmful germs can live on almost everything from doorknobs to animals to food.

I don’t shake hands!

Why are most people offended when you don’t want to shake their hand. You are not rejecting them or calling their personal hygiene into question. You are simply reducing your exposure to germs that they unknowingly carry. [See history of handshaking]. Germs live everywhere. You can find germs in the air, on food, plants and animals, in the soil, in the water, and on just about every other surface — including your own body. Most germs won’t harm you. Your immune system protects you against a multitude of infectious agents. However, some germs are formidable adversaries because they’re constantly mutating to breach your immune system’s defenses. –The Mayo Clinic

Here’s to hoping that others will embrace your choice to not shake hands and end this archaic custom. You will no longer be thought of as a germ freak. You won’t have to say a word–just point. People will see your pin and and instantly know that you aren’t just discriminating against them, but you prefer to not shake anyone’s hands.

Tell others, you don’t shake hands by showing your lapel pin. Turn down a handshake without saying a word.

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